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Laing Service & Maintenance

Roofing for Contractors.

Laing Service & Maintenance

Quality Service

Are you a contractor who is constantly trying to find a reliable roofer to handle your small projects? It is extremely important to have qualified roofers involved in your project whether it is big or small. Do you need a curb or jack installed for your restaurant remodeling project? Do you have a small section of roof that needs to be patched up? We can help. We offer a host of services for professional contractors.

  • Quick estimates on work to complete
  • RCABC (Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia) level standards on all work
  • Reliable pricing and scheduling
  • Ability to work on all types of roofing
  • Ability to resolve most complex roofing tasks
  • Experienced advice on roofing details
  • High quality safety practices
  • Detailed work and photo reports with every invoice
  • Easy direct communication with Service Manager